Collaborate like never before – regardless of physical location

Collaboration has always been at the heart of clinical decision making. Using real-time audio, video, and streaming from imaging and physiologic devices, Catalyst LIVE creates an immersive environment that allows remote care providers to interact as if they were standing side-by-side, ensuring highly effective, multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Limitless Use Cases

By creating a highly engaging environment for virtual collaboration, Catalyst LIVE allows care providers from any department or specialty to remotely participate in routine or complex care settings. Some examples of Catalyst LIVE in action include:

Diagnostic Imaging

Virtually guide technologists in protocoling and troubleshooting during image acquisition.


Allow remote participants to engage in surgical procedures to enable virtual guidance or training during complex procedures.


Provide real-time access to imaging and the multi-disciplinary pediatric care team for faster, more collaborative decision making.

Family Engagement

Keep family members in the loop with virtual updates from anywhere within or outside the healthcare facility.

Training & Education

Allow care providers to remotely oversee trainees during routine or complex procedures or enable continuous improvement through live multi-disciplinary team meetings.

And Much More...

Catalyst LIVE can be used to enable highly effective, remote collaboration in any care setting or scenario. What use cases can you imagine?

Powerful Technology

Catalyst LIVE leverages leading-edge communication technologies to truly simulate in-person interactions, allowing remote care providers to fully participate in procedures, meetings, and training sessions. Catalyst LIVE includes:

catalyst powerful technology