The unique hardware-software capabilities of the Catalyst Live Kiosk enable a new level of telepresence and collaboration within patient rooms in hospital, skilled nursing and rehab facilities. The Catalyst kiosk differs from other TeleHealth or off-the-shelf solutions (such as FaceTime™) in providing:

  • High definition, remote control video
  • Medical device connectivity
  • High definition, full room audio
  • Unified, zero-footprint platform for patients, families and providers
  • Dedicated, HIPAA-secure chat room kiosk
  • Low start up and ongoing cost

Patient Isolation

The COVID-19 outbreak has put hospitals, nursing and rehab facilities under pressure to reduce potential exposure and accommodate a larger volume of isolation patients. It is a significant challenge to minimize the number of health care providers and family members accessing an isolation room, or to reduce community traffic through high risk areas such as floors with immune compromised patients or nursing facilities. Excessive traffic in and out of isolation rooms increases risk of additional exposure, reduces the efficiency of the staff who need to don personal protective equipment (PPE), and represents a cost burden in PPE alone.

Catalyst Live provides a HIPAA secure kiosk allowing isolation patients and their bedside nurses to interact with families, physicians and the entire health care team in a virtual environment, meeting these evolving challenges.

Patient and family engagement (PFE)

Patients who are not in isolation or on specific precautions can also benefit from Catalyst Live at the bedside. Care coordination and communication is a challenge for all hospitalized patients, particularly where family engagement is concerned. The disjointed availability of consulting teams and the unpredictable nature of procedure schedules make it challenging for patients and their families to feel fully informed.  In addition, families have numerous constraints on their availability and can often only connect by phone with their hospitalized loved ones. Lastly, outbreaks of infection can lead to policy restrictions that limit family access to patients in hospital, nursing and rehab facilities. Catalyst Live’s on-demand telepresence provides family members the real-time engagement and information they need when physical presence is not an option.

Patient and family engagement (PFE) is a strategic priority of CMS, and Catalyst Live represents the next level of PFE technology.